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Rodimus Prime
A poem of doubts, dilemmas, and paradox; but not without it's own ray of hope.

He is a leader in a war without end -

Nobody knows when this war began -

Yet as he gazes upon the stars, he wonders,

absently, if there is a way to find a conclusion...

All the years of his existence;

a soldier in this never ending war...

Never has there been a time where there was peace -

and he wonders why...

The stars lose their glimmer,

and he turns away from them in deep thought.

Why did this war begin?

He wonders sadly...

Will there ever be an end?

CAN there ever be an end,

when so much hatred exists between our groups?

He shakes his head, for the answer is not known...

As he walks, Autobots look upon him suspiciously...

He knows many of them blame him

for the death of Optimus Prime.

Unjustly they condemn him;

but worst of all, he blames himself...

Guilt plagues his mind,

when he alone should have a clear conscience...

He is the leader

in an unending war –

And honestly, he is tired.

Tired of the fighting,

tired of the hatred...

Tired of his own existence...

Why did the Matrix choose me?

Others may have been better suited!

I always tended to slack off in the stiff duties –

fishing with Daniel or maybe just thinking...

But now... Now all depends upon me.

The safety of the universe rests upon my shoulders;

and oh – it is just too heavy...

Being the Chosen of the Matrix was never my desire...


But then maybe, he thinks,

Just maybe that's why I was chosen.

Because I wanted simplicity

and peace – had no ambition

for power or glory...

Well... Maybe I did want glory just a little...

Once... But not anymore.

All I want now is the simplicity

that once was –

That simplicity of being Hot Rod,

when nobody needed me

or blamed me for things

I myself regret deeper then any of they.

He leans against the wall,

his optics shrouded in shadow.

Oh, if there was but relief!

An end to this madness!!

If only there were a clear resolution,

a simple way to end this unstable existence...

But.... How?

He shakes his head sadly, for it is not so easy!

He looks across the plains of Cybertron;

troubled in everything...

Oh, Matrix! Is there no solution at all?

In all of this time, are we no closer to achieving an end?

Surrender was not an option –

He froze, mind working –

Or was it?

A shadow crossed again over his optics...

Were the Autobots to surrender to the Decepticons...

But no – !

he mustn't think of such things!...

Even still – would if they were wrong in their believing?

Would if it was naught but pride

borne by both Autobot and Decepticon

in all of the years

that had fueled the war,

And since neither had ever wanted to admit defeat,

the war had needlessly continued –

and for what purpose?

All the fighting had been in vain.

It had all ever been in vain!

Never had anything good come out of the war.

Only sorrows and sufferings

without end

or form of resolution...

Cybertron's Unicron moon hovered over the planet,

sending a chill down Rodimus' spine.

Oh, that moon! It's empty sockets

always brought the bad memories flooding back!

Unicron had been frightening

and something evil without equal,

but even his face was not as cruel

as Rodimus' own reflection.

When he looked at himself in the mirror,

he would glare at the image of himself

and gaze into the sorrowful optics,

searching within the emptiness

only to find himself left with more questions...

Never was there an end to it all.

Never would there be an end, he had come to believe.

He was suffocating, despite the fact

that Transformers did not even breathe.

He turns away from the view

and stares into the darkness of space.

He longs for a way,

for an answer

He misses Hotrod's presence,

that carefree youth of his past...

Where have you gone?

Why have you left me to such a fate?

He feels himself tremble with emotion,

and knows that there is no one who understands

the feelings that haunt

every inch of his being.

He feels himself cry out,

give forth a broken scream into the night,

only no sound escapes his lips,

and he feels that he is to die

from everything that is locked up inside of him.

Sound is caught within his throat

and he feels it trapped within,

aching with great pain,

trying so hard to escape.

He gives out a defeated whisper,

Someone, save me please –

save me from this fate,

from this weight on my soul

that never leaves me be...

And then Rodimus does

something that few of his kind can do.

Rodimus Prime, leader of Cybertron -


Tears, real and full of anguish

flow from his optics,

something so foreign to

a being of metal flesh.

He has often seen Daniel cry -

but does not realize that

Transformers were not meant

to ever cry.

Vector Sigma created not

the ability in them to

shed tears of any kind,

but Rodimus was young and did not

know this to be the case.

Crying was human,

but Transformers were no longer

merely robots,

but something else entirely.

They loved, and hated

and hurt, and felt burdens

and suffered and harbored regret

and longed for things they could never have.

Rodimus, chosen of the Matrix,

Hero of the Cybertronian Wars,

current Prime and defender of the Galaxies -

does not feel any love for himself.

He believes that should he be gone –

If only I had died in Optimus' stead!

Things would be better – as they should be.

Only the Prime does not understand

that the Matrix makes everything as it should be.

He must learn to forgive himself,

and trust in the Matrix that is his.

Only it is so hard when one is alone

with nobody who understands your plight.

Oh Matrix, he prays,

please help me...

I can't do this...

Oh, Prime, I can't do this!!!

Words can no longer be spoken,

and he is all but overwrought with

feelings that are

trapped within his soul.

He is lost within his own feelings,

in great darkness.

He may have lit the darkest hour -

but was there anything that would light his?

He was losing sight of

all that truly mattered.

He was loathing the Matrix,

loathing every bit of the burden that was his.

The contempt borne for himself

showed through to everyone around him

and everybody believed wrongly that

he took nothing seriously, was heartless,

and unfit to lead.

Oh! If only they but knew!

If only they could but hear the cries he uttered

that lie within every glance of his

tired optics.

If only they saw that every wise crack

was but a front, was but a cry

for help, a way to cope with situations

that he struggled to face.

It is not that he is unfit to lead.

It is that no one gives him the chance.

There is nobody that will forgive him,

nobody who will trust him.

There is nobody that understands

that he needs support,

and that only through the love of others

can he learn to love and accept himself.

Only once they come to accept him

can he learn to trust in the Matrix' choice –

only they cannot learn to trust him if

they believe him to be incompetent,

a misunderstanding gained from his pains

which they mistake for weakness

and unworthiness...

Oh, but how wrong they are!

A cycle they dwell in,

a war within the ranks

of the Autobots,

a mirror of the battle in which

they wage with the Decepticons.

They cannot trust Rodimus until

he trusts himself.

And yet Rodimus cannot trust himself

until others come to trust in him.

The war cannot end until

a compromise is made,

and yet neither side is willing

to compromise.

Wars without end,

within and without,

when can they find it within their sparks

to trust one another?

When will they find it within their sparks...

To forgive?

Time continues on, and things seem not to


But the Matrix glows within

the saddened Prime,

and it listens to his cries of pain,

and it glows ever brighter.

It is working every moment,

unseen by all – misunderstood.

Yet it knows what is right –

and it heeds Rodimus' call.

Slowly but surely,

the Matrix in it's own subtle way

sets about a chain reaction,

that is sure to heal the broken leader,

as well as the broken world.

Silently, when no one is looking,

a means to end the war

begins to take form.

Invisible at present,

it will be known to all at the right time.

And one day soon,

Rodimus Prime

will come to know and understand

the Matrix –

as well as himself.

And that day will be

known through out all the land

as the day when all are one,

for no longer will strife exist –

only solutions to the problems with no solution

and all will be made right.

There will be no more sorrow or grief or disillusion for

all will be one.... And never will it be parted asunder.

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Ascott-YarnJacks Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Student General Artist
wow, this is amazing!
Grandis-Granva Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
Thanks! ^^
nightscream879 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I loved it! But poor Roddy...
Grandis-Granva Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017
Thank-you!!! I've been debating with myself as to whether or not I should post it, and thought the other night, why not?
So I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yes -- poor Roddy. I'm sure this poem is able to convey some of my feelings for him as a character. He's my absolute favorite, and for real reasons, too. He's underused, but was so well developed -- albeit his development was never completed... Sigh... Unfortunately... Which is why I write stories about him and such. To hopefully add to the legacy that should have been his...
nightscream879 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
He was rather unused in G1, and I didn't like his energon persona, but I loved both the MTMTE Rodimus and his G1 appearances.
Grandis-Granva Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017
Yes -- far too underused!!!! What a waste...
XinterestingX Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So you're going to tell me the Matrix will fix everything, and then just eave it at that? No explanation or anything???
(In other words, beautiful) 
Grandis-Granva Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017
Yep. That's exactly it. :) ... Isn't that what it's like in real life too?

I'm really glad you enjoyed it!!! ^^
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